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Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding is the beginning of your marriage, the beginning of your dedication to each other, the beginning of your lives together.
It should reflect not only your love for each other today, but your commitment to ensuring that your love will not only grow, but evolve and change as life evolves and changes around you.
Your wedding ceremony should reflect all of these things, remembering that you are a unique and special couple. Your ceremony should be as distinctive as you are yourselves.

As a Civil Marriage Celebrant it is my role to identify your uniqueness, and to craft the perfect wedding ceremony that is yours alone. We will work together step by step to create your very own special memorable moment, Your Wedding Ceremony.

The wonderful part about having a celebrant for your special day means there are no limits to your wedding ceremony. You can have any of your family members or friends do any of the readings which always adds a nice personal touch to your ceremony.

As your celebrant I would love to work with you by your side to create the ceremony of your dreams and one that will leave you with lasting memories for a lifetime.

Baby Naming Ceremony

Surely the greatest gift of all is the birth of a baby! And the first and most significant gift we give our child is its name.

A naming ceremony formally celebrates the birth and naming of a child, thereby welcoming them into the family and the community. It is a defining moment for parents, grandparents and other members of the extended family.

As your celebrant, I will create an individual and unique ceremony for your child. Your Naming ceremony will embrace the naming of the child, appointment of the godparents or guardians, and the inclusion of the grandparents.

Special readings and family traditions which hold a lot of meaning to you and your family can also be included into your child’s ceremony.

Renewal of Vows Ceremony

A beautiful way to express your eternal love for each other is to Renew your Wedding Vows, you can celebrate this milestone on your anniversary or simply when you want to.

You may also chose to go back down memory lane by exchanging the same vows you said to each other all those years ago, or create new ones you may also like to create the same ambience of your first wedding by having wedding pictures placed all around or even the same bridal party if you want, and of course at the celebration the very first song you danced to as husband and wife is always a memorable touch. A lot of couples also love to have their children and grandchildren play a very special roll in their ceremony as well..

Your love story has brought you to this day and it would be my pleasure to design a ceremony that will leave you and your family with memorable moments.

Commitment Ceremony

Commitment Ceremony is for couples, who for legal or other personal reasons are unable to marry, but their love for each other is strong enough so they wish to make a public commitment to each other, in the presence of their family and friends.

Couples who were married overseas often choose this type of Commitment Ceremony, so they can re-celebrate their union in front of their family and friends who were unable to join them for their wedding.

Multicultural traditions, values and beliefs can also be incorporated into a Commitment Ceremony.

A Commitment Ceremony is a loving way to share the ultimate pledge of love to each other that two people can do after all, its two hearts united together in spirit and forever in love.

When a couple decide to make a life time commitment to each other they want their ceremony to reflect the love they have to one another. in a pure and intimate way.

Your ceremony may also include Vows to each other, Exchanging of Rings, Blessing of the Hands and beautiful Readings.

I specialise in making your Ceremony your Memorable Moment!